With This Ring


It’s hard for me to describe how much this ring means to me.

When my husband was little he was surrounded by strong, intelligent, crazy (his words, not mine) women who raised him up to be the amazing, gentle, loving man that he is today. But there was one man who was present & active in his life, his PawPaw.

Once upon a time his PawPaw made a silver ring with this rope design on it. I don’t know the full story, but I do know this; when I met Ronnie it was the only piece of jewelry he wore. Also, his mom & sister both have a copy of this ring in gold. I’ve always loved that ring. I’ve admired & cherished the people who wear this ring. It’s special, meaningful & unique…just like the folks who don it.

Y’all!!! This year for our TEN YEAR wedding anniversary he had this ring made for me! WOW!!! It’s the most simple way to say that I am his person!

If you don’t know about the MIRACLE that God has performed in our marriage then let me tell you, there was a time that all hope was lost. Our marriage was all but legally over. Ronnie had every right to divorce me without anyone blinking an eye, as a matter of fact, most people probably would’ve suggested that he divorce me. BUT GOD SAID NO!!! God said “wait.” God said “this marriage, like every marriage, is worth renewal, worth redemption, worth the struggle & heartache.”

It’s not always easy, but it’s always GOOD! We make each other laugh every single day, we are the perfect compliment to the others quirks, we are stronger/better together! Y’all, we weren’t supposed to make it, our marriage was dead…BUT GOD!!!!

I believe for you, I believe for your marriage, I believe in resurrection, redemption & new life! I don’t believe in you, but I believe that God can work through you!! Just hold on! Love is good, God is better! I’m in deep prayer today for marriages that feel dead. I’m praying for breath of life & healing. I am praying for you!!!

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