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Hey Shawty, It’s Your Birthday

Today is my birthday. I. Love. Birthdays. They are the one day of the year that is set aside to focus on you. You in all your glory, you born and growing, you, glorious you!!! It is also a day of gratitude and His ultimate Grace.

By all accounts I should NOT have made it to 35. I got sick a couple of times as a baby and to hear my mother tell it, I was close to death on more than one occasion as a baby and she feared the worse. Throughout the years I have given her more than enough reason to, again, fear for my life.

She has picked me up from questionable places, I have been dropped off at her house after being beaten up by my father or having been missing for weeks. She has been there during numerous life threatening trips to the hospital. I am seriously super lucky to be alive. Some Devine power has been carrying me through this life and surely I have some purpose here.

God has been a guiding light through this adventure and He keeps showing off every time I show up. He is an amazing father, a loving friend, my constant companion and the director of my every move…as long as I let him. He is also a stern teacher, a calm storm, a roaring lion. He is all powerful and all encompassing. Ever consuming my heart, whether I like it or not.

You may wonder, “What do you get a girl who has lost everything?” the answer is simple. I have already been given everything that I need. Grace, mercy, love, another day to start another life. When you are reduced to nothing, you sometimes realize that you have everything you need.

Each day we get is a gift in and of itself. Don’t wait for the one day a year that is dedicated to you, celebrate each day as a new lease on life. This is your opportunity to shine, get up and do it.

Happy birthday to me AND to you. You are worthy and loved.

“Awake, O’sleeper, and arise from death, and Christ will SHINE upon you!!!!!!!” – Ephesians 5:14

Today instead of cutting out some of the old contacts, make new ones. Look for opportunity to enhance a new friendship. Smile at everyone you see. Make solid eye contact when speaking to others. Put your phone away during each meal. Use this day to increase His love.

Palms up. Minds open. Hearts receiving. Others touched! To live.

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